Living Next to IY

FYI Hughenden Estate owners have had meetings with Quintas, the mayor, Matthew Kempthorne, Riana Pretorius et al. There have been 2 site meetings regarding the incomplete fence and other issues. Numerous emails with images have been sent by us to CoCT.

In an attempt to get out of here, because frankly, living in these circumstances (iow being in an informal township) is a no brainer, we have approached CoCT to work with ourselves, the Meadows and IY residents to create a solution to the problem.

If this situation for us is not resolved within the next year, we will be forced to rent our properties out to multiple tenants in order to cover our costs as the value of our properties has dropped astronomically with the last owner forced to sell below his bond debt for 1.8 million.

Renting to NPOs such as the rehab in Hughenden is not desirable but unfortunately will be our only choice.

Unfortunately, HB seems to be a NIMBY suburb of note and it is probably one of the main reasons for landing up with a humungous problematic informal settlement which is just left to expand by CoCT because they don’t have the will to clean up or they are actually hoping that these people are going to vote for the DA… LOL

Henriette – Hughenden Resident